'Never gonna cook together' - Breaking Bad Parody of Taylor Swift

This may not constitute as advertising, but its user generated content that is a tribute to an amazing tv series. That’s what happens when brands and content become part of pop culture. Posting this cuz it’s just completely made my morning and i didn’t want it to end :) enjoy!

8 November 2012 ·

"Drive Thru" - a parody of the movie ‘Drive’

I LOVED the movie ‘Drive’. I spend all day working on advertising for and thinking about  McDonald’s. Naturally, i LOVED this parody. Its absolutely brilliant :D Enjoy! and thank you Michael Habr for forwarding it!

Written By & Starring Alex Blagg
Directed By Matthew Michaud
Produced By Emma Fletcher
Edited By Terry Huynh

24 April 2012 ·

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